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Solid Edge ST7 - Maintenance Pack 5 Announcement

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March 17, 2015



Dear Solid Edge Customer:


Solid Edge ST7 Maintenance Pack 5 for Solid Edge is available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



Maintenance Packs are released for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available up to a maximum

of 15 months following the release date of the English version. The release date for Solid Edge ST7 English was

08/08/14, making the Maintenance Pack cutoff date 11/08/15.



Download Location:



ST7 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:






There were Solid Edge Embedded Client policy file updates in MP2. It’s vitally important that you install SEEC

Administrator, which delivers the policy files to TC_DATA.


Maintenance Pack Executables (.exe files) patch existing product dlls. Maintenance Pack executables

are all inclusive and can be installed on top of a base release or any released Maintenance Pack.


Maintenance Pack Installs (.zip files) are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions must be

uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel prior to installing the new setup.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notification for new Solid Edge Update or Maintenance Packs, subscribe

to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: for the web interface.



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 1996343: 2d constraint solver in a sketch profile works differently in ST7 -

PR 7274554: Physical Properties data corruption after "Move to Synchronous"

PR 8252701: Assembly Relations are lost when using "TranslateMultipleOccurrences"

PR 7306995: Density is not set when Material is synchronized

PR 7248181: RevisionManager.Document.SetPath, Assembly Copies cannot be changed



PR 7247238: SE crashing when opening an assembly

PR 7251083: Enclosure fails to create in ST7 French

PR 7261344: Stored Groove Weld information not showing in Options dialog box

PR 7268784: PathXpres causes a highlight problem if a part is recomputed before

PR 7279664: Interpart Copy copies old geometry after Replace Part

PR 7284762: color changes in assembly being lost after Save

PR 7286828: after IPA edit -steering wheel move and cancel on suppress dlg undoes everything

PR 1993287: Occ prop dialog shows wrong rotation values

PR 7253903: Assembly File cannot be opened. Corrupt file problem

PR 7254312: links do not update after save command

PR 7261085: Simplify assembly not working in the French version of ST7

PR 7225926: Relationships fail after assembly feature hole modification

PR 8255899: Assembly is not correctly updated after modifying dimensions

PR 7271790: adjustable assembly not updating properly with a "reference only" subassembly.

PR 7298481: 1/64 precision is not sticking leading to wrong results.

PR 8250893: Reproducible Crash within Framing

PR 8251764: Cannot update higher level assembly when occurrences are marked as hidden at the

PR 7310380: Select Parts Constrained To command locks-up or aborts Solid Edge



PR 2247261: Parallel dimensions are abnormal

PR 2249099: Dimensions move when I open dft in ST6

PR 2249101: Moving one dimension cause placement change in other

PR 7212177: drawing view did not depict correct assembly feature in some cases

PR 7216837: In ST6, the text "jumps" to a higher position in the callout box

PR 7247679: Reference Text generated in German SE version will not displayed in English SE

PR 7261278: shading on a drawing view that was cropped larger was incorrect

PR 7263310: Solid Edge ST7 - Very Poor Performance when working with old Draft File

PR 7276910: Grid-Origin moves after switching sheets

PR 7279255: align edge does not show alignment line

PR 7287234: Table cell changes size when opening file in ST7

PR 8259652: "Filled Textboxes" are shown in white (instead of red, yellow, etc...)

PR 1998827: Save as pdf results in rotation of portrait drawing

PR 2250493: abort when un-breaking views in some cases

PR 7245005: Error loop when placing a DV of PMI with subscript

PR 7290018: Coordinate dimensions are not migrating to sync properly for revolutions

PR 7259995: drawing view tracker incorrectly indicates model out-of-date

PR 7269193: section view fails to cut parts in some cases

PR 8261329: crash while using a new configuration file for a specific draft to dxf export

PR 1997742: drawing view scale in wrong format (e.g. 2:10 instead of 1:5)


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 1999126: Preparing Piping Components

PR 7250325: Sync Chamfer Unequal Setbacks makes the model disappear

PR 7239628: Need the bendtable dialog to support pulldown lists and cell changed events

PR 7239634: the PZLEx function returns 0 for the BendTableIndex argument for synch PSM model

PR 7250956: Mirror Assembly/Part Copy Flat pattern differ from original

PR 7279296: SE becomes unresponsive with endless flickering of the display

PR 7274977: Problem using PCBto3D when hole table files have been edited in ST7

PR 7239628: Need the bend table dialog to support pulldown lists and cell changed events

PR 7247778: Open file regression from ST6

PR 7247647 (Master PR): Unable to open files created in SW2015 in Solid Edge

PR 7284703/7245305: Update NX Adapter to support NX10

PR 7249088: Remove material does not update display



PR 7198900: Scale is off on when multiple sheets are exported to AutoCAD

PR 1991000: When saving to Dwg, 'Solid Edge ISO' textfont is not converted to textfont 'Aria

PR 7231939: SePvAdp.exe hangs when multiple assemblies are exported

PR 7240716: Cannot import a Catia V5 R24

PR 7274737: Import von JT



PR 7207681: Insight: Non-string properties deleted from files

PR 7225962: File dialog is switching between managed and unmanaged version in Insight

PR 8261192: Insight Search lists all documents twice after an upgrade to ST7


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 7271007: SE SP Client: Edit a part in an assy and Revise, Part is checked out and Read On

PR 7283302: 'Show selected item+WFcart in task description' needs to be back ported in ST7MP

PR 8259630: Error message " exists in the following folders:" is insufficient

PR 7292077: SESP crashes while creating part having number column with default value

PR 8250211: File >Save As marks the filename in blue, so that it cannot be modified

PR 1996897: Error Message AnchorGUIDTransfer at ST7 SP Server Update

PR 7177847: Projects can be moved to InHouse via Favorites

PR 7292967: Quick Workflow with Draft update send Email which is set to no sent

PR 7193844: With Workflow Cart=No, status is not updated for documents

PR 7199893: Some part are not released if part in sub-ASM is checked out

PR 7234699: Right Click in Pathfinder 2 times to open up a part or assembly

PR 7312417: when action set to revise the folder column should be read only


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 7169854: Item Name in Solid Edge CPD not synchronizing between Part and Draft file

PR 7170066: Interdependent LOV group mapped properties field is not editable for some props

PR 7251662: Bad performance in new SEEC implementation

PR 7278961: CFG file is not being uploaded to TC for an assembly having no links or component

PR 7278977: Draft image files such as emf, jpg, bmp etc. are not carried forward during Revise

PR 8258193: Add to TC Interactive will change the creation and modification date

PR 7271453: AddToTeamcenter Interactive in French is consistently crashing

PR 7272921: Opening a managed doc via the API will do 2 BOM expansions

PR 7279570: Error in UOM to non-graphic parts

PR 7299494: Structure editor Save as operation entering same id for part and draft generates error

PR 1991572: Problem setting SEEC_ItemTypeList_SE Part and SEEC_ItemTypeList_SE Draft

PR 6781873: AddToTeamcenter needs a better message for missing Meta Model properties

PR 6958514: Revise is using the default NR and not the one used in the file

PR 7218222: Save As of Draft w SE_Draft_ofConfiguredAsm does not preserve the relation

PR 7305483: Solid Edge Model file remains checked out to me while the Draft is checked in

PR 8252307: AddToTeamcenter removes the TC_Import_Time from previously imported files

PR 1993522: Revision field is blank in CPD when naming rule used

PR 6997635: Save As on Solid Edge Draft in SEEC gives incorrect filename

PR 7226933: Opening a part with a part copy of direct model always prompts to update

Fred White
Siemens PLM Software