Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement



Note: The Solid Edge ST8 Maintenance Pack format and process has changed





January 18, 2016


Dear Solid Edge Customer:


Solid Edge ST8 Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Pack 4 is available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Packs – Beginning with Solid Edge ST8, Maintenance Packs are delivered as and installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. Solid Edge MSI based Maintenance Packs are installed and tracked as Product Updates.


  • MSI Product Updates can be applied on top of the base release and or existing Product Update with a lesser version.


  • MSI Product Updates are all inclusive, i.e. fixes delivered in MP3 include all fixes delivered in MP1 and MP2.


  • MSI Product Updates calculate free disk space before installing. Please note that there have been cases where the Disk Space Computation takes several minutes to complete. Please be patient.


  • MSI Product Updates can be uninstalled without having to remove the base Solid Edge product.


  • Uninstalling a MSI Product Update will restore the installation to the state before the Product Update was applied.


  • PLEASE NOTE: When uninstalling a MSI Product Update, the original source media and the previous Product Update package, if any, must be available to allow the recovery of previous file versions.


  • The current MSI Product Update will be the only Update listed and available for uninstallation. After the current Update is uninstalled, the previous Update will become the current Update, if there were multiple Updates installed.


  • MSI Product Updates are uninstalled via the Control Panel (Uninstall a program –> View installed updates -> Uninstall).


Solid Edge Maintenance Packs are released for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available up to 15 months following the release date of the English version. The release date for Solid Edge ST8 English was 06/05/15, making the Maintenance Pack cutoff date 09/05/16.


Solid Edge - Solid Edge ST8 MP3 or later supports Windows 10 if the Windows 10 “November Refresh” version 1511 (OS Build 10586.0) or later is installed.  Solid Edge does not support the new Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge.


Solid Edge Integration to Teamcenter - The Solid Edge integration to Teamcenter 10.1.5 and later have been tested on Windows 10 connected to Teamcenter 10.1 and 11.2 servers and there are no known issues.  Teamcenter plans to announce support of Windows 10 with Teamcenter 10.1.6 and 11.2.2.


Solid Edge SP - ST8 Solid Edge SP cannot support Windows 10 due to the following unresolved PR assigned to Microsoft: PR 7410688 - Win 10 does not show the SESP Preview/Properties Card or Edit Properties.



Download Location:



ST8 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:






Maintenance Pack Executables (.exe files) deliver updated versions of existing product dlls.


Maintenance Pack Installs (.zip files) are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions must be uninstalled using Uninstall a program from the Control Panel.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notifications for new Solid Edge Maintenance Packs, subscribe to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: for the web interface.



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 7563894: Added API DrawingView.DepthPlaneOffset; DrawingView.RemoveDepthPlane; DrawingView.SectionFullModel

PR 7554048: SE crashes in call to GetCharStrokedCurveData

PR 7384976: SE closes when custom sensor sample executed

PR 7527082: Added a API to identify specified Solid Edge file is newer version

PR 7513069: CurvesByTables.Add() does not work with .xlsx file extension

PR 7272950: Many of the assembly APIs is missing a status method

PR 7568401: API: wrong volume of frame sections



PR 7556563: in SE crashes when user selects Update All command

PR 7510381: Improved performance of Show all components on large assemblies in ST8

PR 7554191: No red exclamation mark in PF at conflicted entry

PR 7518384: Adjustable assembly is not updating

PR 7573426: Assembly MRU open being influenced by subassembly placement settings

PR 7584040: Opening an assy with a pattern in it fails if parts inactivated

PR 7586192: PMI text disappears and movement is not smooth

PR 7358206: Cannot create Physical Conductor

PR 7586192: PMI text disappears and movement is not smooth



PR 7500887: After migration, some of the dimensions are missing in this case.

PR 7504186: wrong format Code in Callout properties in German version only

PR 7532362: Callout text box does not stay in position when user clicks on a text entry

PR 7534914: Solid Edge creates an addition line on layer "_Translation" for ACAD dimensions.

PR 7556473: Back port automation support for PMI Model Views.

PR 8283864: Termination when trying to import a 2D iges file to SE draft on Win8.1

PR 8511425: If draft file opened without 3D data /Inactivate, the position of the dimension

PR 7558161: When .dft file open in ST6/ST8 dimension moves.

PR 7373046: unusable sketch imported from dwg.

PR 7441752: Transfer from styles via material.mtl doesn't work correctly.

PR 7573941: dimension handles are outside Detail Views envelope

PR 7578968: In migrated drawings the dimensions are not attached to center marks.

PR 7582960: Move command's copy button stays activated if zoom/move during placement

PR 7585916: After migration, angular dimension is not attached to DV element

PR 7589356: In this test case one of the diameter dimensions is missing after migration.

PR 7556473: Back port automation support for PMI Model Views.

PR 7583693: Fence select drawing and callout results in faulty move behavior

PR 8290015: Log file messages - A fatal error occurred during the conversion.


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 7472120: Unable to edit line length via command bar for 3D sketch

PR 7567198: Polygon by midpoint with 20+ sides fails to create constraints for all sides

PR 7523529: "Enable value changes using the mouse wheel" option does not work on Win10

PR 7586099: Print from Sketch environment, no sketch elements are printed with print area



PR 7539786: Changing material in SharePoint causes crash opened in Solid Edge

PR 7573418: Impossible to toggle assembly configurations if Insight assembly is added


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 7484947: SESP BOM Report parts missing if assembly linked to PART contains PDF

PR 7560873: RMB > Send Email on document in Map view does not work as expected

PR 7561132: Project ID/Binders assign loads slowly in SESP Embedded Client

PR 7564745: Move from Sandbox to In-House not possible - Column Make/Buy deleted in both lib

PR 8284070: SESP - File open and browse between document libraries is slow

PR 7386945: SESP Automated email to group not working in status step of workflow

PR 7579259: No logs are generated for Report workflows

PR 8278454: Create Package File from a revision via a Cart will include old revisions

PR 7569069: Error on Workflow against a Proj content type that is not the default


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 7516287: ATTI doesn't load properties for files added after the first one

PR 7525711: TC attribute disappearing due to attribute mapping

PR 7562542: no error dialog for wrong value naming rule attached to object_name

PR 7429671: Initial value required attribute not available in ATT Interactive

PR 7513889: Lib System fails when managed in TC

PR 7521937: Error on save as a new part with independent view in drawing

PR 7525711: TC attribute disappearing due to attribute mapping

PR 7543714: Required properties are not well imported with AddToTeamcenter

PR 7574768: Structure Editor crashing on new and open



PR 7556077: Save As Flat DXF exports Etch since ST8MP2 with color value "ByLayer"

PR 7526713: JT included precise geometry exported from ST8 does not show color correctly

PR 7568480: Step Problems since MP3, position of parts seem to be incorrect.


Fred White
Siemens PLM Software

Re: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement

I see some improvements that we have noticed too. Thank you for the update.


@JFred, could you tell me why the package manager is not working?

Daniël Schuiling
Solid Edge ST7
Teamcenter 10

Betreff: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement


maybe it has to do with MP4 or I just found it the first time after installing MP4


But, now when casting a video using the Solid Edge video capture (red button) it only will allow it once.

There is no capture the second time.


Only stoppping Solid Edge, starting it new will give us the opportunity for another one time video caputre.


Attention: we are using win 10!

Maybe this is an issue


Can anybody confirm that?




Betreff: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement



It is working as expected for me on Windows 7 and I can create multiple reocrds without issue.





Betreff: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement

Video recording shortcut keys Shift+F9 and Shift+F10 do not work in the sketcher or when a dialog is open, though the record button works.

Re: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement



There are two possibilities off the top of my head:


1) Each package can be at most 2GB in size.

2) In order for files to be managed by the Package Manager, there are certain file-specific information that must be retrieved from it. Files recently posted will not have had the necessary information pulled from it. As a result, these files cannot be added to the Package Manager. The necessary data is retrieved from posted files every two hours.


So, check the overall size of the package file or it might be possible that you attempted to add to a package file before the property information was obtained from the MP4 files.


Give it a try again, if it still fails, document the steps and any error messages and I will open an IR for you with the web tools team.



Fred White
Siemens PLM Software

Betreff: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement



I will have someone take a look on Win10 to confirm the video capture behaviour you are experiencing. Could you shoot me an email with your Sold-to so I can open an IR for you?



Fred White
Siemens PLM Software

Betreff: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement




thanks for Your assistence and You have got the PM




Betreff: Solid Edge ST8 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement

Perfect! Thank you very much for the Sold-to.


Just to let you know, we have reproduced the behavior on Windows 10, where you can only save one video per Solid Edge session. We will get a PR filed and escalated to development.



Fred White
Siemens PLM Software