Solid Edge ST8 - Standard parts problems

Hello all,

I have installed ST8 and want to re-use the StdParts.


I have used a Dutch version for installing the StdParts, the file location is on the server.

After 30 error windows with a preview2 folder problem it is installed.

However, now I cannot start the StdParts Administrator from my start menu.


Is there a different work method or something? Is it that hard to make a good working version of Standard Parts? For a keyuser it starts to get at the level of a IT-employeeSmiley Frustrated


See the attachment for the file that I have used, page 22.


Re: Solid Edge ST8 - Standard parts problems

That document is for ST3.  I suggest you get the one for ST8 as I believe some things have changed since then and it will probably also have information on how to upgrade from a previous versions database.


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Re: Solid Edge ST8 - Standard parts problems

It should not matter right?
But with support from our dealer it works great.
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Re: Solid Edge ST8 - Standard parts problems



Is it a SQL error? If SQL have error try install latest sql express from web. It's free.


Also can try this method: