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Solid Edge ST8 download?


Hi guys,


the last 2 years I've been using Solid Edge ST8 in school. Now I upgraded my PC to handle the program at home. I wanted to download ST8 but it isn't avaible anymore. I tried ST9 but I can't get used to it. Is there still a download link for ST8 avaible?


Re: Solid Edge ST8 download?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

If you are still in school...

  • And your school subscribes to the Intitutional license, your school should be able to provide you with ST8.
  • If your school just uses the Student license (free download) then the current version is what is available.

If you are no longer in school...

  • Then you should be running the commercial version and thus would be able to download one of several versions including ST8


What is it you can't get used to?  I'm guessing the new Backstage UI that is similar to Office 2013 and on...


It really isn't that bad especially if you are using Office 2013/2016.  Better to "bite the bullet" and get used to it as it's not going away in any new versions coming.


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