Solid Edge ST8 non resposive



I am System admin , We have 12 designer , We have just upgrade Solid Edge from ST7 to ST8. We access the data over the centeral server which is in LAN. Speed is quite good for lan . I can get ping in 1 ms to server. Our workstation Hardware is 12 to 16 GB RAM 4 GB Graphics card 1 T
B space. Prroblem is after upgrading now 12 of my users complining that solid edge is hangs while saving or by any other changes. He has to close the task through task manager only. I have check the rest of the hardware use . CPU uses are quite normal 3% , RAM 8 % Network nill. REst of the software work fast and correct. Please any one send me the solution urgently.


Tushar Joshi



Re: Solid Edge ST8 non resposive

The first suspect in such cases is always the virus scanner.


To test this you have to uninstall the scanner on one PC to see if there are differences.

Just deactivating of the scanner will sometimes not really deactivating the scanner function. Be on the safe side and deinstall the solution.



Re: Solid Edge ST8 non resposive

Hi there,


Further to that which @Stefan_Mitsch says....if you haven't already, I recommend you download & install the latest maintenance pack [MP3], in case there are advancements included there, that could help with your issue.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
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