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Solid Edge ST9 - Maintenance Pack 1 Announcement

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

September 13, 2016


Dear Solid Edge Customer:


Solid Edge ST9 Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Pack 1 is available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Packs – Solid Edge ST9 Maintenance Packs are delivered as and installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. Solid Edge MSI based Maintenance Packs are tracked as Installed Updates.



Download Location:



ST9 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:






Maintenance Pack .zip files are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions must be

uninstalled using Uninstall a program from the Control Panel.


  • MSI Product Updates can be applied on top of the base release and or existing Product Update

  with a lesser version.


  • MSI Product Updates are all inclusive, i.e. fixes delivered in MP3 include all fixes delivered

  in MP1 and MP2.


  • MSI Product Updates calculate free disk space before installing. Please note that there have

  been cases where the Disk Space Computation takes several minutes to complete. Please be patient.


  • MSI Product Updates can be uninstalled without having to remove the base Solid Edge product.


  • Uninstalling a MSI Product Update will restore the installation to the state before the Product

  Update was applied.


  • PLEASE NOTE: When uninstalling a MSI Product Update, the original source media and the previous

  Product Update package, if any, must be available to allow the recovery of previous file versions.


  • The current MSI Product Update will be the only Update listed and available for uninstallation.

  After the current Update is uninstalled, the previous Update will become the current Update, if

  there were multiple Updates installed.


  • MSI Product Updates are uninstalled via the Control Panel (Uninstall a program –> View installed

  updates -> Uninstall).



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notifications for new Solid Edge Maintenance Packs, subscribe to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: for the web interface.



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 7736718: Argument Exception with Threads.Add - Example required

PR 8307275: API, SaveAsJt Use_Simplified_Part argument not working

PR 7758075: Implemented SE API method - SolidEdgePart::CopyConstruction:Smiley TongueutVisible

PR 7769767: API function for extra window



PR 7588050: After unloading hidden parts from memory, show parts crashes Solid Edge

PR 7629696: Project to sketch fails when IPA

PR 8709792: Opening Draft file over the network is slower

PR 7726186: Not able to remove mass in variable table

PR 7726530: Random crashes

PR 7739894: Cannot add new parts or relations in a specific assembly

PR 7519496: Pattern reference feature locate

PR 7779909: Color of inactive part is different from ST6

PR 7780497: Occurrence Properties Dialogue is empty when user opens an assembly from a mounted drive

PR 7778146: Not possible to select measurement variable in measure minimum distance.



PR 7742348: Angular dimension makes Solid Edge close after editing

PR 7750164: Coordinate dimension alignment dashed lines won’t go away

PR 8305409: Preview of .dwg file import not shown

PR 8308065: Connector shape gap is not associatively connected to crossing line

PR 7706846: Lock-up while entering Property Text in a text box

PR 7749657: Crash during open of an Symbol = Title Block on the background sheet

PR 7754000: Distance Dimension by two points displays at wrong location after using zoom

PR 7763216: Wire harness elements becoming disconnected

PR 7744749: New created coincident plane via assembly fails with a geometry recompute error

PR 7770886: Countersink information lost in Hole Table when part is recomputed in ST9

PR 7773775: Composite item numbers are incorrect when opening draft file unlinked

PR 7754000: Distance Dimension by two points displays at wrong location after using zoom

PR 7781638: Failure opening file where the PMI options were set when there was no PMI model view

PR 7785171: Unable to have different background colors for 2D Model and Active Sheet in ST9

PR 7784446: Create break line command does not create inherited break lines.

PR 7789389: perspective views were not lining up with edges.


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 7727602: Pulldown-Menu to small, names not visible

PR 7731394: Material Names with a "." in name changes to "," only in German version.

PR 7752137: Sync. 2 bend corner crash - Win 10 specific

PR 7765930: Please repair file in ST8. Part is missing from the 3D view.

PR 7731834: Family member is not updating pattern by table



PR 7747922: After restoring SE settings, SE is going into bad state

PR 7765537: Solid Edge Viewer cannot be installed together with full Solid Edge product

PR 7769308: JT files increase the time to display the backstage open page


===Design Manager===

PR 7734769: Design Manager Performance for different actions is slower compared to ST8 Revman

PR 7745191: Design Manager is not releasing memory after closing file


===Built-in Data Management===

PR 7766908: Where Used fails when using Fast Text Indexing

PR 7772763: Non-SE files with SE extensions were locked by property handler


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 7562274: Standard Part Name will not be written to SESP Revision.Title

PR 8310768: SESPUpdateCallouts.xml - No information about format for FromDate and ToDate

PR 8309603: Intermittent poor Open performance on large assemblies

PR 8310737: SESPUpdateCallouts.xml delivered with English Keywords for the German version

PR 8311679: Workflow failed email at the end of the 2-step Assembly Workflow in German Version

PR 7765123: Managed file folders included in recent folder list

PR 7775415: SaveAs incorrectly uses the source property values

PR 7775430: SaveAs error when replacing the property value


===Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge===

PR 7699586: Add to Teamcenter - Interactive Boolean properties causes problems

PR 7722996: Open DFT with links other DFT files are not downloaded to cache folder

PR 7726588: FOA Save/check-in failure

PR 7734168: Structure Editor not building new assembly correctly when using SmartCodes

PR 8308480: Cache Assistant consistently crashing on first access

PR 7741423: Problem with revision rules after revision subassemblies SE-TC

PR 7771262: Errors saving new files into Teamcenter

PR 7772989: Unable to create new revision for released files with invalid Item type defined

PR 7771262: Errors saving new files into Teamcenter

PR 7768314: License borrowing option for SEEC and other Data Management Products



PR 7747091: Export to ACAD paper space has text moved off the sheet

PR 7750978: Read a Step file into a Part then all is fine, reading in as assembly-> no part

PR 7749517: Solid Works-Data can't be imported

PR 7783173: NX 11 is released – integrated the NX Adapter


Fred White
Siemens PLM Software