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Solid Edge ST9

Hi there



Within my part I need to create a partfamily.

As soon as I add another body* while building up my model, the command "partfamily" disappears.

How can I create a partfamily after completing approx. 50 commands in the path finder?


(* As I understand so far, I need to add another body for beeing able to apply boolean commands, right?)


I am looking forward to receiving an answer.


Regards from a Unigraphics user


Re: Solid Edge ST9

Have you been through the tutorial for family of parts? I honestly have not worked with them for a while, but as I recall, the tutorial covers about all you need to know to get started.



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Re: Solid Edge ST9

Yes, I went through the tutorial of partfamilies. Unfortunately, the part within this tutorial is already built up, so I dont know how to handle the fact, that when adding a new (draft)body, the command partfamily disappears.

nevertheless thanks

Re: Solid Edge ST9

On the other side, in case I first create a partfamily, and then starting to build up my model, I can no longer add a new draft body. This is somehow linked, but I have no idea how and why...

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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It is not possible to have FOPs with multi-body part files

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Then how do I create my model?
I need to perform substraction and intersections of different bodies to create my part.

So I can just create a part family with "simple" parts?
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Re: Solid Edge ST9

I don't know what your parts are geometrically comprised of so do not know if multi-body is the only way you can create your features or not,  but yes, the answer is that if you want to use FOPs then you cannot use multi-bodies.  It is an "either or" not an "and" scenario.  Most geometries can be created without having to use multi-body, and there are some customers that have some very complex geometries that are being used as FOPs.  So to your other point, no FOPs is not just for "simple" parts.  FOP is just not for multi-body parts.

Re: Solid Edge ST9

Thanks for your explenations.
I do have complex geometries.
So I will think about how to model my part without multi models...

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In families of parts, you can suppress certain features for particular family members.  Also, in the case of screws etc., which I use frequently, you can make use of the variables in the part (in my case it would be length) for the family members.  


Another application would be something like terminal blocks where you have "master" terminal block and change a pattern variable to create family members of terminal blocks with different quantities of terminals.


As others suggested, I would check out the tutorials and maybe post some pictures or even better, a video, of what you want to accomplish.


Most importantly, never use the master part in an assembly.  It must sit on its own.





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