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Solid Edge STL surface export




I'm in situation where I need to export surfaces from 3D solid to STL files.

More accurately I need to divide 3D models surfaces to different STL files.


STL files are for CFD.

Simple example is straight solid tube, I need to extract 3 different surfaces from it:

Outer wall: surface of cylinder.

Inlet: first end of tube.

Outlet: second end of tube.


All these has to imported as single STL surfaces to induvitual files.



How this could be done?

If not possible with solid edge, any opensource or free tool chain advailable to do this?



Re: Solid Edge STL surface export




I'm facing the exact same situation. I need to have different surfaces in order to apply boundary conditions in a CFD model.


Is there any way to do it?

Re: Solid Edge STL surface export

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Well here is one way:


Use the copy surface command and copy each surface. Make sure to RMB between each one, to get them in different surface groups, not one group.


Then export and set "Visible Only" and do this for each surface.


A bit of a pain, but it will work.


Followup question --> Did you know that FloEFD runs right in the Solid Edge window -- no exporting required!



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development