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Solid Edge, Solidworks, Teamcenter, Multi-CAD

Gears Genius Gears Genius
Gears Genius

1st post here so please be gentle Smiley Happy


How do I position a Solidworks sub-assembly inside my SE assembly?

I can't find any reference to what the green triangle stands for in the assembly tree, and I can't move (or even see the assembly).


Thanks experts




Re: Solid Edge, Solidworks, Teamcenter, Multi-CAD

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You essentially have two questions in your post.


Starting with the easiest question first -- the green triangle.  This indicates that the occurrence is a virtual leaf component i.e. is a part number and does not have any Solid Edge related data inside it.  For more on virtual components and the green symbols used in the PathFinder see this help document:


As to your second question of how to insert a SolidWorks assembly into a Solid Edge assembly within Teamcenter, multi-CAD is *not* enabled by default in SEEC.  Therefore you will not be able to simply insert a non-Solid Edge CAD file into your Solid Edge assembly and expect to see geometry from that other CAD system displayed.  Multi-CAD requires additional configuration and set up.  Please see the following section of the help documentation for more on multi-CAD with SEEC and Teamcenter:


Re: Solid Edge, Solidworks, Teamcenter, Multi-CAD

Gears Genius Gears Genius
Gears Genius

Thanks for the reply UK Dave.

The image is actually from a multi cad session as described in your 2nd link.

The solidworks created jt data is stored in Teamcenter, and the SEEC variable has been set.

Also the Solidworks assembly was added to the Solid Edge assembly using Structure Manager.

And the assembly was then opened in SE. There was a message.... but I didnt read it... duh!



EDIT: Yup, I found that the SEEC_Forign_Dataset environment was not set to TRUE. (I thought it was)

also I changed the Option->Manage->General tab "Save driven references to Teamcenter" to un-checked.

I can now position my SolidWROKS assembly inside my Solid Edge assembly and save it all back into Teamcenter. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy