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Solid Edge Standard Parts

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Firstly I would like to say Hello.  My name is Guy, I work for Siemens in the UK.  I am the CAD Manager for our Siemens UK business unit.


I have many years of CAD experience using Microstation, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor.  I have some limited experience of Solid Edge but I am learning. 


My question relates to the use of standard parts within Solid Edge.  I have inherited a system using ST4 with SMAP standard parts.  The standard parts are configured to run on a SQL database in a single location.  We have a requirement for the standard parts library to be used in 3 locations.  Currently the use in 2 locations away from the main office is poor. 


I am now planning a move to ST6....


What I want to know is should we be using the standard parts supplied with Solid Edge rather than SMAP?  They look to be the same database?  What are the cost implications of the two options?  How can I set up a multi-site standard parts library that has some level of synchronisation?  Is SQL the best backbone for the database?





Re: Solid Edge Standard Parts

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Two different sets of questions here:


1. I would welcome some more background on your situation. What part of Siemens do you work for? What type of products do you make? How did you end up "inheriting" a Solid Edge installation. We'd certainly love to help our brethren out (and can do so beyond this forum as well). If you prefer to answer outside the forum, just ping me at


2. The answer to your question depends on your usage. Are you going to be using Standard Parts just for off the shelf components? Or are you trying to add your own content to the DB? (why? what is the value there? Piping? Other?). I ask this because Solid Edge Classic includes standard parts for free and yes, its provided by SMAP to us, but if you have a lot of "add to library" type work, then SMAP has some good extra tools for this.



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Solid Edge Standard Parts

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Hi Dan,


In the interests of the community spirit I shall reply here but it could be good to discuss some specifics via email.


I work for Metals Technologies in the UK (Sheffield) having been with Siemens for just over 2 years now.  I am the local CAD/CAE Manager responsible for the CAD/CAE applications across our sites.  We 'make' rolling plants, blast furnaces and associated specialist equipment.


When I say inherited it is because our current configuration was in the main done before I joined the company, the move to ST6 will be my first chance to really plan and implement how we can best utilise SE and the Standard parts libraries.  I am using my previous CAD admin experience (AutoCAD, Inventor and Vault) to understanding the current Solid Edge/SMAP configuration we have in place.


With regards to standard parts.  There would be a desire to add our own content to the DB but currently I believe we do not fully utilise the standard parts capabilities due to previous performance issues.  We have a somewhat convoluted workflow now because of that.  It is my desire to ensure the roll out for ST6 changes that perception.


With regards to SMAP, I am currently looking at their 3D plant offering for plant pipework in order to assess if that is suitable for our needs.  Your opinion on this would be valued if you have knowledge of this product in conjunction with SE.