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Solid Edge Stencil

Solid Edge comes with a stencil typeface called SE stencil, which would be good for laser cutting into sheet metal parts, except it has bezier curves in it and the sheet metal shop we use won't use it. SERomans has all straight lines and it works. Does anyone know of a stencil version of this or something similar? I know I should just ignore the dropouts but they bug me.

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Solid Edge Stencil

Hi Larry,


Have you tried using the "Simplify B-Splines" in SE Options? [accessed while that sheet metal file is open]

While not an issue for our laser team, some CNC router shops we use from time to time, still have older software &/or controllers, and have this same still makes for a lot of line segments, which is also an issue for said shops.


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Re: Solid Edge Stencil

I forgot about that, I'll try it. I like the look of Romans better, though.
Using SE since V12, 2002