Solid Edge University 2014 Courses

A few courses for SEU14 have been published...

have a look here:


I find this of particular interest... I know we can not do it now???:


and this one too:


thoughts? comments? 


Which courses are you most intested in?


Matt Johnson
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Re: Solid Edge University 2014 Courses

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Even though I'm technically part of development, I've chosen to keep my distance from ST7's new features, because I wouldn't want to chance spilling the beans. So, I don't have any knowledge of what's happening with 3D sketch, but I can say that several areas of the software should be able to benefit from this, particularly surfacing, frames, wiring, and possibly patterns. 3D Sketches are critical to some of the more advanced CAD functions. Lots of opportunity here for great new tools. I'm eager to lift my self-imposed limited access and see what's up with 3D Sketches.

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Re: Solid Edge University 2014 Courses

Wow! Looks like this will be another great SEU.  I am very interested in the two courses you highlighted.  The sessions on Wire Harness and Routing look interesting too.



Re: Solid Edge University 2014 Courses

Draft Template management?!

I may just drop dead of shock if this turns out to be what it sounds like!

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Solid Edge University 2014 Courses

3D Sketches... this is truly great news.


But I'm with Dylan. Let's see better organization tools.