Solid Edge V18



I have problem on doing Solid Edge V18 licensing for client.


Anyone know how to setup?


Client is using Solid Edge V18 Node Locked license file.


For V18 no need any MAC adress or CID number for PC right? just put the license file and put in the dongle. Is it?? But why never success.


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What OS?  Are the Sentinel drivers installed and running?

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Thanks for reply...


They are using 64 Bit OS Window 7..


How to know whether sentinel driver are running??


I try to install from the CD Media. The sentinel driver 5.41.1 (32 bit). Can this running?

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V18 is not supported on Windows 7. ST2 was the first official version to support Windows 7. To the best of my knowledge, the earliest version I am aware anyone been able to get running on Windows 7 is Solid Edge V20. I recently had a customer trying to get V19 running on Windows 7 and was unsuccessful (we went with ST2).


You can check the status of the dongle by downloading and running the following utility:


The notes for this utility are here:

As the drivers with V18 would have been before Windows 7 even existed, I would suggest possibly trying to install the Sentinel drivers from ST2. If you don't have access to ST2 the latest Sentinel drivers can be downloaded from