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Solid Edge Viewer ST6.7 missing information Issues

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Good day All,


It was brought to my attention today that SEV some times does not show the proper information on dfts. One of the CAM guys noticed the material shown on the title block said "Buy Part". If you open the dft in SE, it shows the correct information "16ga, CRS". I than went to my computer and was able to duplicate the results.


I have searched the forum but i did not see anything like this reported.


SEV does not indicate if a draft is out of date. Is there a wy to change this? Now before some one goes on a rampage about releasing drawings that are out of date, i will say this, "My company does not untilize the releasing process. that is all i will say about that! Smiley Happy


Also it has been said that the bend views do not allways show the bend information all the time, and it will take several minutes before the infomation comes through. I have not see this myself so but i thought i would throught it out there and see if other have seen this?


We are running ST6.7 on all our machines.

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Re: Solid Edge Viewer ST6.7 missing information Issues

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

The viewer does not actually view the same thing as does Solid Edge.  An option in Solid Edge creates a special image of the pages for the viewer.  That option is in the General section, upper right corner, and is on by default.  Now as to why it's not updating, that I don't know.  A new snapshot should be created at save of all the sheets making it fairly impossible for anything to not match.



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