Solid Edge assembly cannot be saved...

I have a colleague who is working on a large project.  He gets an error message from time to time where the assembly he is working on will not save.  See attached.  So he is saving often to try to minimise the work lost.  Unfortunately the problem is a bit random and cannot be reliably repeated.


One thing I noticed is that the file paths are rather long.  The top file path length is 170 characters.  I had a look in the folder and the longest path length in there is 243 characters.  So I was wondering if path length might be an issue?  I thought that if the path length exceeds 255 characters then there would be problems, but I might be wrong about that.


Any ideas?



Re: Solid Edge assembly cannot be saved...

What version of Solid Edge is he using?


That error message used to be a big problem for us, and was related to how Windows 7 caches thumbs.db data specifically on a network. The explanations are in this thread:


And the fix:


-Go into Local Group Policy Editor. (Type gpedit.msc in the Start/Run bar)
-Navigate to User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Explorer
-On the right, right-click "Turn off the caching of thumbnails in hidden thumbs.db files" and edit.
-Change to Enabled, reboot computer



I have not seen this error message once since 2012 after doing this fix.


-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Solid Edge assembly cannot be saved...

We are using ST6 MP10.  We will try that thumbs.db trick on Monday.



Re: Solid Edge assembly cannot be saved...


for solving long path file problem

the use of -long ..path_tool is good to use



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Would you care to elaborate a little on that?