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Solid Edge certification exam- Login page, badges

Hi, I have a problem with signing in to the website. Yesterday I have successfully passed the exam and I want to take Associate II exam today but I do not know how can I apply for it with my vitapowered account (serial number). I have tried with Siemens link but with it I have to registry again and I do not have a login option (even if I'm already logged in to another window) and there is no way to apply inside vitapowered window neither

Another question: How can I activate my badges which I got on Solid Edge Community site?




Re: Solid Edge certification exam- Login page, badges

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hi @Imrich_Miller 


In regards the badges please contact The Admin @KatieKing


The login page is here:




Re: Solid Edge certification exam- Login page, badges

Hi @arekkul

Thank you for the information about badges.

The problem with the exam still exists. If I click on a link which redirects me to the vitapowered site it gives me this opportunity to register (see pic) even if I already logged in to my account with your link. I do not know what is the problem with it but it writes "Please register or sign in to start the exam process." but I do not have a sign in window there and if I write there my information it makes  new account with a new serial with my email (so now I have 2 accounts with my email).

Thank you in advance for your answer.