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Solid Edge connection to ERP (or export for easy import)

Hey all,


We use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 as our ERP system for inventory/BOMs/etc and Solid Edge 10 for our drafting/design work for equipment we manufacture.


I'm wondering if there is anyway to link to the two in any form or fashion to possibly:

  • Link BOMs in model assemblies (i.e. model in SE changes - auto changes BOM in NAV or alerts about change)
  • Alert about revisions to parts (i.e. part revised in SE - notifies ERP which notifies purchasers)
  • Auto export BOMs in model assemblies to EXCEL (i.e. model in SE changes, exports EXCEL and then we can import into NAV)


Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appriciated.  Just looking to make things easier for us as a company.

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Re: Solid Edge connection to ERP (or export for easy import)

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Have you looked into CADLink for Microsoft Dynamics NAV?




Agni Link for Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


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Re: Solid Edge connection to ERP (or export for easy import)

I haven't but these look pretty great!  Thanks!

Re: Solid Edge connection to ERP (or export for easy import)

We have a customer that connected already Navison with the XML-Interface "XmlConnect".


This AddIn in Solid Edge can exchange bidirectional information from/to external systems.

All information are based on the XML standard therefore it is very transparent and easy to integrate in existing infrastructure


It covers the typical workflows:

  • Create a new part and get the number form the ERP
  • Update the information between Solid Edge and the ERP eg. the Material or Naming
  • Send BOM to the ERP



If you need details get in touch with me directly



Re: Solid Edge connection to ERP (or export for easy import)

CadLink was going to be my suggestion as well. 

It can pull all the parts from an assembly and enter them directly into the ERP for you via an interface.  You don't need to export/import things manually.  It will alert you if there is a discrepenancy between the two systems and which one you want to use as the master.  Revisions can also be driven from the CAD system to the ERP.  

The problem we had with it was it doesn't use the BOM from the drawing instead it looks at the Assembly tree in the assembly model.  So if there are things you did at the drawing level, it may not jive with the assembly depending on your practices.  What this meant for us is that when we bring a Weldment in, it not only enters the Weldment into the ERP but then entire cut list.  Our company does not do any manufacturing, we treat a weldment as one part, not an assembly.  So we do not want the entire BOM/cut list entered into the ERP.  QBuild said they could change this for us but there would be a customization fee to do so.  We dropped at as the data entry entering it manually was not a problem.  Other than that, it was definitely worth looking into.  I just wish we could demo it/try it for 30 days first.  It doesn't sound like they do that because they need to customer write the code for 'X' Cad system and 'Y' ERP system.  They've worked with multiple ERP's and CAD systems but not every combination.

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