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Solid Edge crash occurred

Installed the trail version at Windows 10. x64 Solid Edge crash occurred on 6/3/2015 at 14:50:14. The rollback event cannot allow saving of the active document because the command stack is empty. Elapsed session time: 0:00:00:21 Cumulative session time: 0:00:00:21 I can not open any example file at startup.

Re: Solid Edge crash occurred

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Solid Edge is currently not certified to run on Windows 10

Re: Solid Edge crash occurred

So this is a problem related to Windows 10? I tried compatibility mode Windows 8, same there.

Re: Solid Edge crash occurred

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Solution Partner Phenom

Welcome to the Solid Edge world.


I have ST 7 running on Windows 10 quite successfully. However I have not subjected it to extensive testing. I am using the very latest build from Microsoft. However I would not use this combination for any production purpose whatsoever.


It is probably worth noting a couple of things:

1. Windows 10 is not a released product and is therefore unsupported by Microsoft and software vendors such as Siemens.

2. Siemens (Solid Edge) will carry out extensive testing with Windows 10 only when they have the released version to work with.

3. Once this testing is completed it would be normal practice for the next release of Solid Edge which would be ST 9 to support the new Windows O/S (Windows 10). Note that ST 8 is in the final stages of release to the public and will most likely ship before Windows 10 is released.


To get the best value from your Solid Edge trial please install it on a proven and supported operating system.


Given all of the above I understand from other posts on this forum that it is possible that ST 8 Windows 10 compatibility could be introduced with a Maintenance Pack sometime after the Windows 10 release.