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Solid Edge draft from 3d assembly


Good evening everyone. I've wanted to resolve this for some time but somehow time never permits! See attached.


There are two issues:


1. How best to set the edge property to show these missing lines? SE seems to not display some lines sometimes either when in depth of the view there are objects in front and back, as though it has issues with what to show and not to show, and will only show them grouped into hidden lines, or not at all.


2. SE really doesn't seem to like 3D objects protruding one another, without cutouts or holes. In this case it's pipe fitting work that I run through stanchions so that I can use the frame and do it in one piece, even though each segment gets welded between stanchions in the fabrication. I get that SE doesn't by default show these lines, but is there a setting to get it to? It helps to show it as it will look in real life, brings clarity for fabricators.




Re: Solid Edge draft from 3d assembly

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @CADCAM16,


In order to get the correct display, where there are obvious geometry collisions, go to that views Properties, and on the Advanced tab, change the "Part intersections" option to "Create all face intersections (slowest)"....this should fix your view irregularities.




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Re: Solid Edge draft from 3d assembly


Perfect, thank you for showing where this is toggled! 

Re: Solid Edge draft from 3d assembly

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@SeanCresswell I would mark your post as the Solution, but I'm not the OP so I can't.  Hopefully the OP will come back and do so.

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Re: Solid Edge draft from 3d assembly


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