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Solid Edge freezes/ hangs on save


(me:  ST8 MP12, Windows 10,  other workstations: ST8 MP12, Windows 7)


I just turned one of our assemblies into an alternate assembly.  Before I could save, Solid Edge crashed while I was making some edits, though it was the nice kind where it lets you save and check in (we are using Insight). During this emergency shutdown was the first time SE froze on me.  Now any time I try to save the assembly - just opening and closing - Solid Edge hangs for forever.  The spinning wheel of death shows up and never goes away.  I hit save before I left work yesterday, and it was still going this morning.  Task manager shows no real activity (processor usage) while in this state.


I have asked a couple of coleagues to also try to open and just save, but they see the same hang up.


I don't know if this is because of the crash, or the alternate assembly, or a combination.  Are there file size or memory limitations to family of assemblies (alternate assembly in this case)?  Our workstations have 64GB RAM.  


As I watch the PromptBar and the other space at the bottom of the SE window, it appears as though it saves the [master] part of the assembly without problems, then shows something like 'saving: myAssembly.asm!firstMember', then zooms through some file names and goes blank.  Nothing more displays in PromptBar or the bottom of the window.


Anyone seen anything like this before?


Thank you.




Thankfully, I was able to perform Save Member without trying to save the family of assemblies.  Which at least brought me back to where I was before working on the family of assemblies.  But it's a new file now, and I have to perform a replace in every instance across our library.  More unfortunate is that I've lost all links to previous revisions in Insight, which doesn't capture save as.  And in general cleaning up the Insight mess after a crash, although I know how, is all more work that should be necessary.


This will take a bunch of time on its own.  I will have lost close to two full days of productivity by the end of this episode.  It is most disappointing that SE cannot just work sometimes.