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Hello Edgers:


I want to share with you about the existence of the 'Solid Edge' group on Facebook called:

'Solid Edge User Group' that I have been maintaining over the past one year. The group has a little over 1100 members and strictly administered for a spam free  and rich Solid Edge experience.


- I intend to report 'everything under the sun' about Solid Edge on this group page and I do it religiously.

- The theme of the group is 'Solid Edge news, blog articles, videos, job postings, events, general QA and any other discussion related to Solid Edge.'

- SE success stories are not encouraged much.

- Anything not related to Solid Edge is not allowed to be posted.

- Any Questions or problems posted are answered by members but I strongly recommend every time to post them to the forum out here for a better and quicker response.


Inviting you to join the Solid Edge User Group.

Click the link below:


fb.pngSolid Edge Users Facebook Group




~Tushar Suradkar


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request sent ;-)





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Tushar 2nd Gear
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Welcome to the group @ArekK  Robot Happy