Solid Edge is up for review here.....

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Every few years or so, I deal with the questions "why are you using Solid Edge and not Solid Works?".  There are all kinds of reasons they ask but the most common is that "everyone uses Solid Works".  usually the questions come from new employees that have used Solid Works at their previous job or from employees fresh out of school.  Once in a while I get questions from Management but I can usually justify the use of Solid Edge thru casual conversation.  This time is a little different.  We have recently been thru a management change and I am hearing that they want to review Solid Edge; our use of it, how we are using it, and mostly why we are using it and not another software.  Sigh.....


So, have any of you been thru something like this?  I can explain my tail off as to the benefits of Solid Edge and how well it handles our large assemblies and sheetmetal parts etc., but I am guessing that they are looking for something more.  And there is the fact, what to do with the rather large data set we have generated over the last 15 years.  I understand we can still use it, but its not like it would be transparent.


I'm just looking for any feedback from anyone who might have been thru something like this.


Thanks in advance!


Brian C.


Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....

Not specifically with Solid Edge, but looking at:

  • Retraining cost/time
  • Initial productivity drop for a few months
  • Rework to existing data sets to reuse them (drawings will have to be recreated to get associativity to the model if the models are converted to the other system)

The cost to change can easily reach over a million dollars if dealing with a sizable workforce.  I would figure the cost per user to change to be a burdened labor cost of about $13,000 intially and then additional labor cost over time if you choose to convert existing models and recreate drawings.


That's figuring:

  • 2 weeks/user downtime for classroom training.
  • $2500/user for class cost
  • 75% reduction in productivity over the first 6 months.
  • A fully burdoned labor cost (benefits, cubicle space, electric, water, salary, attrition cost, etc...) 



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Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....

#1. The support. If you have support payed current and you have a quesion, you can call GTAC and find out if your issues is user error/learning curve or a Bug in the program or no you cant do that.


#2. The sheet metal is way better than SW.

#3 If you dont do sheet metal, Sync is a great tool.

#4 SW is based on the same core software that Siemens owns.


The reasons to use SW:

More talent available, more worked out 3rd party software

Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....

How much are you using Sync? That would be a big differentiator between the two programs.

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I used to work on SW before I came into SE and I have to say, SE is better in 2D environment - closer to AutoCAD - better communication.


I am not using Syncronous at work ( lack of dims history ) - only Ordered ( still wondering why SE advertising Sync as a main feature ? Who's using Sync at work - maybe New product developments but in production ?).


Started doing Surfaces - I think it's better than SW.


Still suffering about lack of widely available official video trainings compare to SW.


In conclusion I better like SE.


And this Forum with its People - absolutely AMAZING.







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Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....

Synchronous has to be the biggest single differentiation for me. If you're not using Sync then seriously consider doing so, in the right situations the times savings can be huge. That goes for geometry creation from scratch, reuse of older SE models and imported geometry.

I led a review of ST for our business and we are now in the early stages of introducing it having been solely Ordered based. We produced and presented a document to management. I don't know the nature of your business but I may be able to share that document if it could help. If you worked for a competitor or were linked to one then of course that offer wouldn't stand Smiley Wink


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Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....

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I'm a free lance designer, so I'm forced to choose CAD tool on customer requests. Solid Edge is used by a lot of companies in my region (center-eastern Italy), due to the fact it arrived before other competitors, and due to the skill of its vendor in the end of '90s and beginning of the new century, so it is the natural choice for my use. CoCreate is widely used too, due to historical predominance of HP Me10 as 2d m-cad.


My other m-cad tools are CoCreate Modeling (now PTC Creo Direct/Modeling) and Solidworks. My percentage of use are CoCreate 85%, SE 15% and SWX 0%.


This preamble to say that sometimes the choice of a software is not due to the perfomance of the soft itself, and it is more a matter of environment and compliance with customers.


I'm a little bit "agnostic" about cad software, may be due to too many years on the field that leaded me to abandon every kind of advocacy: the good cad is the one that assure your income!

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Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....



I did start a pretty basic cost breakdown.  I do think that 75% reduction in productivity is accurate after looking at what we see with new employees who come from a SW enviroment.  We currently have 24 floating licenses installed on 70 some workstations.  So, as you are stating, the implementation of a new software would be a challenge and I don't believe we would be able to recover from that looking at our workload for the next three years.


Thanks for the feedback Ken.  Very useful.


Brian C.

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I do have Sheet Metal listed on my report. SNo one here is currently using Sync, its all ordered. Its been years since I last looked at SW, but at that time it had a hard time handling our very large assemblies.

Thanks for the input!

Brian C.

Re: Solid Edge is up for review here.....


We are not currently using Sync. Its on my 2 year list to get these guys training. But to date, no one has even tried it.

Brian C.