Solid Edge on a 4K TV .... anyone ?

Hello guys.


I´m starting to check some prices here in Brazil ... and some 4K Tvs (40 inches) seems to be slightly cheaper than good specific 4K monitors (25 ~ 32 in ) ... But I don't have idea how a 4K TV behaves with CAD use, during 6 ~8 hours every day (can be considered an intense use?) ... As Solid Edge is made of 'multiple windows' inside the application window, maybe we can expect some issues on that high resolution... or not?...   Any of you can tell something about the experience of SE daily use on a TV ? 


*Today I have a double 23in monitor setup, managed by a Quadro K2200 and a Core i5 CPU.


Thanks for any comments and regards.

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Re: Solid Edge on a 4K TV .... anyone ?

I don't know how a 4k TV will work but a few of us here at my work have 3k and 4k monitors. I have noticed no issues with the UI scaling on ST7 but SolidEdge is sadly not multi monitor friendly and will not wrap across 2 screens and the view port windows don't quad snap inside the SolidEdge program like they do in some drawing programs such as 3DSMax.

My workstation has 2 Dell P2715Q monitors, 3k res at 27" display size and it is awesome almost on the verge of excessively large that you need to turn your head to look at stuff, at 40" I would think that it would be so large that you would either need to sit far back or risk a sore neck.

Re: Solid Edge on a 4K TV .... anyone ?



Solid Edge ST9 will fully support 4K monitor, so I suggest buying it after released/installed ST9! Smiley Wink




Re: Solid Edge on a 4K TV .... anyone ?

@nanan00 If you have an NVIDIA Quadro card installed, you might try looking at the nView Desktop Manager app.  It allows you to do things such as set up virtual grid lines for window arranging and monitor spanning that you cannot do in Windows alone.  Not sure if the FireGL cards also have a tool like that but would assume they would.


If using a consumer card, then you probably won't have this but not sure.


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Re: Solid Edge on a 4K TV .... anyone ?

@nanan00 What exactly does this mean? "will not wrap across 2 screens."  Mine seems to but maybe I don't understand something.

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Re: Solid Edge on a 4K TV .... anyone ?

It takes the nvidia desktop manager as Grundey says to do so.