Solid Edge parts library naming format?

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I have been unable to find any information on how to modify the output of the standard parts library generated parts. Why do I want to do this? our typical callouts for things like bolting when done in autocad would be "STUD, 1-UNC-2B X 6" LG."  The output from SE is "Stud_ASTM_A354_2007a_UNC_1.000x6.00in_v12.00"...


The problems are that the 2B thread designation is totally dropped, imo this could be covered with a blanket note as all bolting we use is 2B but that isn't my call. The second issue is noone knows what astm a354 2007a is nor do they care. The third issue is we only have like 32 spaces of the text field for our ERP software (E2) that is used for quote/ordering thus stuff gets trucated unless you make it multiple lines.


So how big of a can of worms is getting dumped on me here?


I would be totally happy with "Stud_unc_1.000x6.00in" but even then the format we had is what everyone is use to and well change here is taken about as well as you could expect for a company who spent the last 30 years using autocad.


Re: Solid Edge parts library naming format?

In Standard Part's you can make you own library. You basically create a folder with all your standard studs for example. Named how you want them to look. The folder must be placed in the Standard Part library. Then go to Standard Parts Administrator and do a add parts. it step you though the rest

Re: Solid Edge parts library naming format?

That was what I was afraid of...


Any other possible solutions? others have tried?

Re: Solid Edge parts library naming format?



I'm also not a fan (putting it lightly) of the standard parts naming scheme.


See the following thread on the topic if interested:

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