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Solid Edge pattern bowl holes


For a project i need to make holes in a bowl. The bowl has a radius of 20.5cm and the holes are 4mm. The distance between the center of the holes should be 6mm and the bowl should be holed entirely. Therefore i need a patterncommand but also each hole should be perpendicular to the bowl's inner side. Does anyone know a solution for this problem ?


Thanks in advance,




Re: Solid Edge pattern bowl holes


Just an FYI- your model is made in Solid Edge Student Edition, which means that commercial licenses cannot open it.


I was hoping the Emboss command added in ST6 could be used for this by making a flat plate with holes first, then forming around a sphere, but the feature fails. You can come close to your perfect spacing by using the Pattern along Curve option, and making patterns of patterns, but this will be time-consuming. If I had to do this as a work project, and had to get the spacing perfect, I would be faster using a software like Rhino.

-Dylan Gondyke