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Solid Edge - problem with license

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Hi, currently I downloaded the software from your side, after completing the installation program "Solid Edge License Utility" wants me to show him your license. The e-mail I learned that the license file is attached in the Annex. But in the email you receive after signing up as a student did not receive any attachment. I would ask for help, Regards Adam


Re: Solid Edge - problem with license

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There will definitely be an attachment with the welcome email. Failing that, I would suggest filling out the form again and getting another email which will hopefully have the license you need!
Cheers, Iain

[langtitle=de]Re: Solid Edge - problem with license[/langtitle]

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since attachment is in textform your mailclient might show you the licence-data at the end of the mail (like thunderbid does ;-).
regards Norbert