Solid Edge productivity tools sources?

What are some sites that have downloadable productivity tools for SE?


Not looking for anything specific, just would like to see what others have done & shared.


i came across a couple today on


One was a properties match for drafting and another was to put center lines on a 4 sided enclosed shape.




Re: Solid Edge productivity tools sources?

Have you been to the Solid Edge Developer's Forum yet?

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Re: Solid Edge productivity tools sources?

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Sites for free SE productivity tools are:

1. BarhamSoftware.


2. SEGuruCool - (27 utilities) My site closed back in 2004 (SE V-14), most programs are still downloadable and might work but please don't send mail to the rediffmail ID - I have long stopped using it. (


3. The ultimate SE utility download site by Klaus Dahlenburg - 74 utilities.




1. Here's Dave Ault's Blog which has a Solid Edge blog roll on the sidebar which you can explore for more SE sites, and


2. A list of some more SE Blogs and links is on this very community website on this page again on the right side pane.


 ~Tushar Suradkar


Re: Solid Edge productivity tools sources?

Thanks Tushar.


I haven't seen anything in software devolpers section that was suggested in earlier post.