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Solid Edge simulation results and strain gages


Good morning.

I am new on this forum.


I´m working on strain gages transductors, designing and trying to correlate Simulation results with practical results. Also interested on finding the best place and position angle for the strain gages.


Knowing that:

1.- Strain gages only measure strains.

2.- Principal strains simulated by Solid edge are not associated with the position angle. Therefore it is not possible to know the strain in a particular direction.

3.- in a 3D elemental cube there are 3 stresses and 3 shears. Solid Edge give the 3 principals and only one maximum shear.


  • Its is possible t know the strain in a directions? Maybe using a mix with planar elements. I know that other softw use Beam element for that.
  • and along a line?.
  • Von Mises stress can be used for the mechanical integrity, but, without directions, are the principal stress/strains of any value?.

Thanks for your help.




Mech Engineer