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Solid Edge software stopped working


Hello everybody I have been using Solid Edge 2D for quite a few years now. I was up to version ST5 and it was running perfectly. I would get the usual requirement to update the licence which I would do and I would have no problems. I have the software loaded and run it on a multi user company PC. I have extended administration rights to load and install software.  I do not use the software every day and sometimes only once a week but suddenly the program stopped working when it was loading up and gave me the error "APPLICATION ENVIRONMENT CANNOT BE ACTIVATED"  So I thought maybe I just need a licence renewal which I did and this did not help. I then downloaded ST6 and it made not difference. I even updated the licence again same problem. I read on line that you have to have the UAC switched off or load to a different directory when reloading the software. I couldn't find the UAC switch but loaded to a different directory but I am no farther ahead with same problem. Anybody have any suggestions here. Thank you


Re: Solid Edge software stopped working

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

UAC is user account control. You can find it here:

control panel/user accounts/change UAC settings


Did you try to clean windows registry, before installing SE again?

But anyway, I am affraid that it nothing will help you much. Unfortunatelly, the solution for this problem was almost always reinstalling the windows operating system.