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Solid Edge to 64 bit

After registration, I saw that the program is to 32 bit, so therefore stopped the Download.
I received e mail with a license file; please, is possible to unload a version to 64 bit as my
PC? If yes, in that way?

Re: Solid Edge to 64 bit

I have got it from the indirect channel: you can ask the nearest authorized seller of SE.

Re: Solid Edge to 64 bit

Siemens Master Siemens Master
Siemens Master
You are probably well past this now, but you don't need the 64 bit version. The 32 bit version will run just fine on a 64 bit OS. You only need 64 bit to make assemblies of say more than 50,000 parts. I don't think you'll get there in 45 days :-)