Solid Edge to *.NC file

Has anyone have any success in exporting *.NC files from Solid Edge?


An *.NC file, is kind of a 3D DXF file that is used for processing structural steel beams.

The file contains data including: Beam Size; Beam Length; Hole Dia / Qty / Locations etc.

Using the *.NC file on a 'Beam Line' (a CNC machine for structural beams) automates the beam process that it is ready for fabrication.


We have been looking at this for a number of years, with only limited success of finding any solutions.

In recent months, it has become apparant that most of the steel suppliers have moved to the Beam Line machinery, and really need the *.NC file to be able to process the steel.


The main Steel Detailing type CAD softwares like Tekla; ProSteel etc. can generate a *.NC file direct.


For other softwares, a 3rd party add in is required.

I have in the past found add-ins for softwares including Solidworks; ProE; and Inventor, but very little in regards to Solid Edge. I have contacted many of these, who showed little interest in adapting their software to suit an alternate CAD.


The only company that i have found that seems to acknowledge Solid Edge, is Klietsch in Germany ( )


So my questions are:

- Is anyone successfully exporting NC data from SE, and if so how?

- Are there other SE users that would value the NC export tool?




David Finlay

Re: Solid Edge to *.NC file

Re: Solid Edge to *.NC file


We export STEP files to send to our sub-contract fabricators who then can import this into their CAM sofware to create NC files - the process you describe is approximatly the same as programming for 2D laser profiler, 3D tube laser or CNC mill.


You'll probably find more luck in searching for standalone CAM software that can import neutral files, rather than finding a plugin to solid edge which are few and far between compared to some of the competition.

Re: Solid Edge to *.NC file


Hiya David,



I have to provide NC files when I produce a drawing / fabrication pack for my customers. After trying a few options out and trialing different softwares I now get a company to convert my files.


I send them 3D step files and they send me back NC files. They are super quick and ive not had a problem in the past. The bonus is that i dont have to worry about sorting them myself! - The are called NC Solutions. 



Re: Solid Edge to *.NC file




Is there any news around this subject, would like to make NC or DSTV files from our Solid Edge steel constructions.




Jan Bos

Emmen, The Netherlands

Solid Edge user since V3.5 beta testing ST10