Solid Edge to SketchUp

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I have a number of clients that require SketchUp's .skp files, until ST8 I used to use Sim Lab's add-in to convert my .par and .asm files - that add-in no longer works.


Is anyone converting Solid Edge .par and .asm files to SketchUp file .skp format? If so, what are you using, or how do you do it without some type of converter add-in?


- Thanks


I should have noted the import file formats that SketchUp will accept when I first posted, they are:







Betreff: Solid Edge to SketchUp



whats about the new ifc files in ST8?

Will the work?






Betreff: Solid Edge to SketchUp

No, unfortunately it won't.


SketchUp is very limited on what it will accept; SE will, of course, export a number of formats, just not the ones that SketchUp will accept. I have been in touch with Sim Lab, the company that makes the addin that I have been using in the past, I seem to get different answers everytime I ask about them updating to work with ST8 - one day it's no the next week it's yes.


Thanks for the suggestion.