Solid Edge with Agile PLM

Does anyone have experience regarding how well Solid Edge will work with Agile PLM?


We currently use Insight with ST7.  We want to move to an enterprise PDM solution.  My current preference is for Teamcenter, but my company is part of a larger corporation that is pushing us to consolidate our systems to save costs, and they are looking at Agile because it integrates with our ERP software.


I suspect that we will not be pleased with the performance or level of integration when using Solid Edge with Agile, but I do not have any real information or data to make a judgment.


Can anyone offer any advice?


Re: Solid Edge with Agile PLM

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Re: Solid Edge with Agile PLM


the cheapest and less effort solution will be to connect Insight with the ERP.

If this is the only reason for changing the system!



It is not a big deal to do this all basics are there! Wokflows with Sharepoint, Exchange informations via XML!


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Re: Solid Edge with Agile PLM

XPLM is Oracle´s preferred integration provider for MCAD connectors to Agile PLM and offers a direct integration with SolidEdge.


There is a video available that shows some functionalities of the connector:


Please take a look at it to see if the solution meets your expectations regarding the level of integration. For futher information please use teh contact form or


For Teamcenter there should be comparable integration solutions availbe via Siemens directly.

I hope this information helps.


Kind regards, Marc