Solid Edge/works vs NX

Hi All

As an NX user I am now going alone and want a CAD system that will function with my client base who all use NX


Therefore I have been thinking of Solid Works/Edge but the question for me is if I lay out the money for a seat will it meet my clientbase requirements ie NX/Teamcentre etc etc or would it be better to go with what I know and suffer the cost.


I have priced both NX single seat and Solid Edge and I can get a limited SE package for half a NX pack BUT would it be acceptable to my clients.


I have seen on the forum many questions regarding compatibility but I would rather hear from anyone who does conversions from one to the other and any pitfalls they have encountered.


Apologies if this is an old question


Many Thanx


Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX

It might be helpful to understand the industry you work in and what some of your and your customer requirements might be.


What is your typical workflow?  Do you start from scratch or utilize existing customer data?

What is your deliverable to your customer?  Drawing package (2D)?  3D models (what format)?


Solid Edge can open just about any file type and has many benefits when working with or alongside NX data but depending on the answers to some of the questions above, it is hard to say what you need.


Where are you located?




Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX


Industry is Compressor Rig design for Gas Turbines ergo task would be to modify existing hardware geometry as well as providing new components that the customer can use as well as producing drawings to enable the customer to get these parts manufatured.

Today many manufactures program their machines to a CAD step file and use the drawings as a check before delivery.


Thus I need to take customer NX files and provide models and drawings in return that they can import and use....


Does that make sense??



Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX

Yes, makes sense.  On the surface, it looks like Solid Edge would be a good fit.


Have you or are you talking to anyone on the sales side yet?  If not, I can get you in touch with the right people in your area who can review your needs and understand what would best fit.


Feel free to send me an email and we can communicate privately, if necessary.




Kevin Grayson
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Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX

IF your customer is looking for Native NX drawings and models you really only have on choice- NX.


If they will take a Parasolid model then you can use SE or any other CAD application that can export a Parasolid or possibly a JT model.


The drawing file will be your Achilles heal. If they need a NX .prt file you are stuck with NX. If they will take a pdf file your options are open again.


NX should be able to directly open SE files (in  a JT format). Likewise, SE opens NX files using a JT format. If your customer is using Teamcenter they may like the JT format because, as I recall, this is the format used in the multi-CAD environments and the visualization tools for Tc.


From a business perspective, I would think that the SE subscritpion model would be a great fit for you!


Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX

To add to Ryan's response, in terms of deliverables, NX can open the native Solid Edge files (and vice versa).  File translation would not be necessary for the customer using NX to see and utilize the Solid Edge designs unless they wanted a specific format.  In addition to Parasolid, Solid Edge can also save out to STEP, IGES, JT, and others.  Typically in the 3D world, Parasolid or STEP will suffice.  JT doesn't really have anything to do with NX opening SE files or SE opening NX files.

In terms of drawing files, none of the 3D systems read in the other guy's native 2D files.  Typically, you will save out to DWG or DXF and read those in.  Solid Edge does a great job saving out to 2D formats like DWG/DXF.

And I agree:  Give Solid Edge a shot with the subscription model and once you see how capable it is, you can go to a perpetual seat if you so desire.



Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX

Hi Guys


Many thanks for the feedback, obviously from the modelling perspective SE could be a trial obviously the client uses NX and teamcenter the full works so it would be possible for them to import any model data I was to supply but drawings could be an issue especially to use their drawing frame partfiles etc.


It seems that this dilema arises many times looking at the forum.


I have been in contact with several suppliers in the area ...Majenta, Team Engineering and the like and have received package prices it is really down to which way I jump ...NX (what I know) or SE a versatile slightly less expensive package......


Many thanks for all the help I am sure I will be returning here again in the near future.

Re: Solid Edge/works vs NX

Your answer truly resides with your customer's requirements. If you already know NX, I would stick with that. You will be banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to do similar NX functions or workflows in SE. They are produced by the same company but they do not function in similar fashions. That coming from an UG/NX salty dog. The unlearning process is difficult!

Best of luck in your future endevours.