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Solid edge St 10 material table crash



I got an issue, If I want to select a material in solid edge than solid edge crash.

Have sombody a solution for this problem?



Betreff: Solid edge St 10 material table crash

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Beau



as usual here in the Academic Forum I have to ask the first standrad question:


ST10 with the MP3 or ST without any MP?


If no MP then I would suggest to download the later ST10 file with MP3 included, or, if You are at a UNiversity with maintenacne contract (Solid Edge University version) then ask Your prof to take care about the current MPs


On the other hand, I do not now about any issues when assigning a material to an open part.

So let mes ask following question too: Which material file are You using?

The standard MTL delivered with ST10 or maybe an old one from a former version?