Solid edge plane setting

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Hi guys. hi have a problem when i want to set a plane to see a secxtion view.

see image attached. Is this a setting that can be fixed?


Re: Solid edge plane setting

Not sure what the problem is for you.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Solid edge plane setting

What is the exact issue?  Setting the location of the plane?  Plane transparency?

Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: Solid edge plane setting

yes plane transparency

Re: Solid edge plane setting

For the Dynamic Clipping planes, the settings are in the Solid Edge Options on the View form towards the bottom.  You can select a color for each plane and a transparency.  Be aware that if you make the planes transparent, you will not see a solid sectioned model colored face of cut models but instead they will appear hollow.  If you want a true section view with solid section faces of the model color, use the Section command in the Model Views section of the PMI Ribbon tab.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10