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can anybody help me how to prepare for solidedge certification??Smiley FrustratedSmiley Frustrated


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Check out the Knowledge Base article.
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You can learn more about this at the Solid Edge Certification web site.


Most helpful is the "Preparing to take the Solid Edge Certification Exam .pdf and these sections:

  • On what criteria will my skills be evaluated?
  • How can I be sure I'm ready to take the exam?
  • Is there a sample test that presents scenarios I'll encounter in the actual exam?


And FYI - a new ST9 certification exam was recently made available at Go to the Solid Edge Certification exam website 


Good Luck!!



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If you are a student, the following looks great (new!)


SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students - Udemy

Solid Edge Training for Beginners: Validate Your Skills and Become a Certified Associate in Days (Mechanical 3D Design) - Free Course

Dan Staples
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