SolidEdge crashes after closing a sketch


I am a french 2nd year student in an engineering school, and I use SolidEdge for conception. I recently installed SolidEdge ST6 on my MacBook Pro, using VMware Fusion 7. The virtual partition (Windows 8.1) perfectly works, so no trolls about Macs Smiley Tongue

So I started using SolidEdge this morning, and I noticed something unusual : I was using the sketch mode ("esquisse" in french if it may help you) to extrude a simple tube. But SolidEdge wasn't displaying the edges of the rectangle (I joined a screenshot for this) as it should do. That was the first weird thing I noticed. If you ask, I use SolidEdge in "ordered", as my teacher wants it.

I then closed the sketch mode, and an error message appeared, saying that SolidEdge crashed and needed to close (I joined another screenshot for this). And it closed. This happened every time I tried, as well in a part file than a assembly file.

How can I fix this ? It is quite annoying as I can't do anything..  Help please !




Re: SolidEdge crashes after closing a sketch

Did you try to change options for Solid Edge options/View/application Display? By default, Automatic Selection is selected. If you deselect, then you can choose from different options. Try maybe Backing Store or Software driven. Maybe this will help.

Re: SolidEdge crashes after closing a sketch

As SvenBom suggested, change your Graphics settings in Solid Edge.  Bacause you are running this in a Virtual machine, the access to hardware accelerated graphics is either not emulated at all or emulated poorly.  Changing to the settings suggested dumb the graphics down to a level that would be supported by a standard VGA driver.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: SolidEdge crashes after closing a sketch

Nop, it did not fix the problem. I tried Software Driven and the other option proposed, but the problem occured again. 

But one of my classmates said to me that he had a similar problem, and apparently it would be the version of SolidEdge I installed is a bit faulty. So i will try tomorrow to reinstall a clean version, and see if the problem is fixed.



Re: SolidEdge crashes after closing a sketch

I did not have time to reinstall SolidEdge, but I figured out that by creating an empty iso assembly file, everything goes back to normal. So I think the problem is related to the iso part file, but it disappears if I create an other file first.
I believe the topic can be closed now, thank you for your help.