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SolidEdge no more printing on plotter


My solidedge no more print on our plotter HP DesignJet 500 Plus 42 If I print from SolidEdge to another printer it works. If I print a pdf (Adobe Reader) to the DesignJet 500 it works.

Only SolidEdge is no more printing on it.

I tried reinstalling windows drivers.

I tried changing printing preferences

no way. 

Even if I print an A4 page with few things it seems lost. Windows doesn't give any error, and the plotter never move.

Any suggestion?


Re: SolidEdge no more printing on plotter

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

At this moment, one of the related solution is here, you can try this out:


The solution is for ST9 so you may have to check/replace it with your Solid Edge version numbers.

On my installation of ST8 this key simply does not exist, I would still recommend this since the symptoms appear similar.