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Solidedge Backgroud




I am currently building a wind farm animation for my work for one of their apps. Though for my backgroud instead of an image i want it to be a gif (of the sea) so the animation looks more live and it wont just be the turbines moving. 


Is this possible to make a Gif as my background? 


As when i do make the Gif my background and then press OK the background just turns white for some reason. Please Help. 


Re: Solidedge Backgroud


I don't think it's possible to use a gif as an animated background - and to be honest I think it would give pretty poor results if it was possible.


Assuming you want an animated and not a static background, I think the best thing to do would be to render in keyshot with a plain background, white or green or whatever you can then replace in a proper video compositing application. Obviously you (or someone else in you org or marketiing company) need appropriate software etc. but IMO it's the only way it'll not be rubbish!