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Solidedge For progressive and transfer dies design

I'm looking to use solidedge for progressive and transfer dies. I came from a company that uses NX and CATIA. Now I need to buy a cheaper software, but really capable of doing the job. SE is one of my possible choices. There is anybody that uses it as daily job to tooling design?


I have found Summit, a company that draws tooling dies with SE. There is more examples of companies?




Re: Solidedge For progressive and transfer dies design

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PLM World Member Phenom

They are the best example, and I will tell you that having done progressive die design on both SolidWorks and Solid Edge, there's not much difference.  Solid Edge does, if memory serves, have a 3rd party app that specializes in it, but that would be extra cost.  I think you'll find Solid Edge does just fine with it, but you will have to develop some creative workflows to make it efficient.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Solidedge For progressive and transfer dies design

Have worked before with NX or CATIA?


I know to create some automation in CATIA, like I said, I came from CATIA, and I used a few years ago NX. How it is automation in SE? Can we reproduce all of our design functions in a macro? Are we limited?

In terms os surfacing it looks to be lacking, compared to NX or CATIA, even in their low packages. For example one command that I loved to use in NX in surfacing, it was the enlarge. Genarally this command extends the surface using it's primitive shape, withou contours. I think that SE don't have anithing simillar, just the extend command. am i wrong?


And in terms of FOP and FOA. In CATIA I developed something to use the Dayton Punches. From what i saw in videos something simillar to FOA, but in CATIA. 

I defined the punch (diameter, lenght, body diameter, shape...), and by it self I had the punch and the suitable punch plate. Is it possible to do something in SE? Have you seen something around this?


I didn't like much the FOP and FOA interface, looks easier to do it in SW (excel environment). I used to have a (also again in CATIA), the complete catalog of a supplier of gas springs only in one part. Is it again easy to do it?


And by the way, how do you recreate the holes from one part to another? There is any command to do it, or do we need to "link" the edges of the hole to create the new hole in the other part?


Sorry for my all questions, but I need to know how it behaves SE. I don't know much about it, only by the videos that I saw.




Re: Solidedge For progressive and transfer dies design

Is there anyone who draws metal stamping tools (progressive or transfer) with Solidedge?