Solidworks Data Migration of assemblies with Pipe Routing

I have an large library of projects that use a lot of Pipe Routing in Solidworks.  I have the ST7 data migration tool up and running.  I can migrate individual parts without issue.  I can migrate assemblies without issue.  But if I migrate an assembly that has used the SW pipe routing tool, all of the pipe/tube that was in the SW assembly is non-existent in the Solid Edge migrated assembly.  Has anyone run into this porblem and solved this issue, or is it impossible at this time with ST7?


Re: Solidworks Data Migration of assemblies with Pipe Routing

Not an expert on some of the more obscure things in SolidWorks, but it is my understanding that Pipes are treated as "Virtual". Such are not migrated to SE. I believe there is a way to save all your virtual stuff out as a part -- which then reattaches to the asm. So after you do that it should migrate. 

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Solidworks Data Migration of assemblies with Pipe Routing



Thanks for your advice.  I have tried what you suggested, and made the "virtual" pipes of the routing into external, individual parts.  I then used the Data Migration tool of ST7 on the updated SW assembly model.  This provided the same result after the migration.  No pipes in the migrated assembly.


I would guess, if I made a new assembly in SW with the pipes as external parts from the start of the model, there would be less of an issue.  


I'm looking for more advice from anyone out there.  I am currently in a 30 day trial of ST7.  Here is the scenario I am trying to wrap my head around for the future; some of my past large custom projects, that may be repeated with alterations, how could I manage the missing pipes that are all virtual using ST7 and not SW?  I have one project in mind that has hundreds of pipes in routing assemblies.  The equipment is highly custom, works fantastic for our customer, and a planned future plant will get the same equipment, with alterations (catalyst mixing vessel change, 3rd metering pump added with associated piping and valves, knock out pot size change and addition, etc).  I want to use the exisiting SW assembly model to base the new equipment on, yet if migration is not bringing all the pipes over, how can I efficiently transition the model into ST7? 


The project is $1.3 million.  With that kind of project at hand, the transition hours to re-model all the pipes in ST7 would not justify the transition away from SW.


Please let me know if I didn't explain that well enough.




Re: Solidworks Data Migration of assemblies with Pipe Routing

So, three thoughts...


1. When you export the virtual pipes to different parts, how granular is it? that is, do you get a whole pipe run or lots of little individual pipes? If its a pipe run, you might try experimenting with opening that part file and the saving it as Parasolid and then reading that into Solid Edge. This might not be the most efficient, but it will give us some ideas. 


2. Who is your assigned support partner? They should absolutely help you get over the hump here. (and if you don't know the answer, then I have a different problem to fix)


3. My team is always ready to assist any of our customers/potential customers who are in a bind. We'd be happy to look at what you have going on and see if we can help find a solution. We'd need to get your model. We could arrange that on the side --




Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development