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Solidworks data migrartion

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Has anyone run the sw data migration?


At first look it seems that you can only do one folder at a time? This seems to be a big limitation to me as people will quite often have files spread through multiple folders and to have to do this one folder at a time would be very tedious.


Is there a way top pick a top level folder and get it to do all sub-folders?


Re: Solidworks data migrartion

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Siemens Phenom

At this time the SolidWorks migration can only select one folder and it will not process sub-folders.

As a Partner, I would suggest that you cant GTAC and submit an IR for this.

Re: Solidworks data migrartion


Ouch...In my opinion, that's a serious issue.

As a SW admin, I've seen folder structures that were 10-15 levels deep for a project or the almost infinite amout of folders inside the SW EPDM archive server (where all files are saved within EPDM).