Sorry, Guilty

I have to admit I'm very guilty of not marking threads as solutions and not putting tags on my threads. I will try to do better as time permits.


That stated, many of my question have no solutions and I get the emails "Did you get the answer you needed?"

and most of the time my answer is no. This is because of the limits of sheet metal design relative to the tooling my company uses and the design standards of the company that were set up long before 3D CAD was ever used.


As a result, I have been pushing for some ER's on sheet metal design.

The big ones are enhancements to:


3 Way corners

Add bend

Edted flat pattern represented in finished model

Repair include

model display of crossbreaks


Other important ones are enhancements to drafting:

Diplay varible in table (cell by cell)

More variable flow: Assebly info links, Sting math variables, display document name formula, etc.....

Repair R1

Row height control on hole tables

display controls over crossbreaks


Attached is my current list to track what I'm asking for.





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I went through your list and can assure that the developers out there are going to love it.

Be it a development team like Solid Edge or a single programmer like me who enjoys making apps/macros for free, both like to hear from users about improvements to the tools and features + comments on how to enhance them, just that they might not be having enough time or resources to spare or that some  one else might have already loaded them with some other requests which are a priority.


Although your questions may not necessarily have an answer, but Tags and Spellchecker are two features that are a must when posting -  they are meant purely for the convenience of others who are willing to spare some time and effort to read through your posts.


Hope you agree. Please don't feel guilty. I have an obsession for making places better where I spent a substantial amount of time.


Best regards,

Tushar Suradkar


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I just put a tag on the wrong post. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to delete tags even if you originated them.

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Re: Sorry, Guilty

I would love to see the ability to do bevel and such on psm files that are then ignored by the flat pattern. Currently the flat pattern will reflect the shortest length of a face and take the top of the bevel edge resulting in material being short. My hope was to be able to use the sheet metal functions for thicker material that we use such as 1-4" thick plate as we do bend, roll, and cone these materials often.

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One more for the list: Anti-matter, or negative space material.

I would like to be able to start a part with a hole. In that way, when the part was added, the hole(s) required for the part would be removed from the model (the part is being added too) as the first step before the part is added.

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Start with cylindrical construction bodies.


While it won't automatically create the hole or remove material, it will at least locate the holes for you.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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@nanan00  If you take a single .psm and put it into an assembly, mark it as a weldment and perform the beveling in the assembly weldment enviroment, then edit the .psm and save as flat. I used the chamfer command under features to create these bevels, top and bottom to illustrate the .dxf views. I also used the "assembly driven part features".





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@Craig_H, Must you mark it as a weldment? The chamfer feature is available in regular assemblies.

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You don't actually, I just checked.

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You could try deleting the bevel faces before saving as flat (dxf)

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