Sorting by numbers in tables

I have an "Item Number" column in a table.   Numbers start with "1" and go upwards.  This is a user defined column.  I have sort criteria set to sort the table by this column.  

When I get to "10", the sorting mechanism places 10 between 1 and 2, instead of after 9.  


Any way to properly sort this?


Re: Sorting by numbers in tables

 A space before the number for 1,2,3 etc up to 9.

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Re: Sorting by numbers in tables

From another thread one implied this could be done with registry edits, but they did not give anything specific. The sorting is the same as what windows does for file names. It's character based, not numerically based. 


The only way to get this right is for enough of us to file ER's that they do something about it.