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SpaceMouse Support?

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Hi, I just got your software installed, and have been working my way through some tutorials. So far I'm impressed with all I've seen.
I have a 3D Mouse, and 3D Connexion lists it as supported by Solid Edge, so I'm eager to try this as well. I've installed the driver, and it's been working with Alibre Design, but it's not with Solid Edge. I've done a search through the help system and found no mention of it. The model I have is the SpaceNavigator. For the moment I'm evaluating Solid Edge within Win XP SP3, so that could be the issue. I'm not going to do a major re-install to upgrade to Win 7 just to get this mouse to work, especially if there's something else I can try first.
Woops - I just solved my own problem. I needed to run 3DConnexion's installer again, to also install the Solid Edge Add-In. Now it's working okay!
I'm leaving this record of my stumbling around, in case it can help others get online a bit quicker.