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Spell Check Issue

As far as spelling goes I am the stereotypical enguner enginner injuner machine designer that is good at math.  I need spell check.  As a new user to Solid Edge ST9 from Solidworks, I was surprised to find that it didn't have a spell checker in the draft program.  Our onsite Solid Edge adminsitrator didn't know it had a spell checker until I told him.  I found the instructions for adding it to the quick access tool bar and tried to run it.  I placed a text box with a misspelled word on the draft and ran the spell check, and it didn't find the obvious misspelling.  I have spent several hours investigating why it wouldn't find anything.  I found that our draft templates contain a few empty text boxes for various reasons (most of which I disagree with), and what i have found is that the empty text boxes will mess up the spell checker.  Any text that is added after an empty text box is added will prevent the spell checker from working properly.  If anyone has a solution for this (other than deleting the text box) feel free to let me know.  I posted this in case anyone else runs into a similar problem.  Hopefully this post will save you the several hours I have spent trying to figure it out.

JD Haigler
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‎06-21-2017 08:19 AM

Re: Spell Check Issue

I did a code review and I may have fixed it.

It runs on my machine now without problems.

Attached is a zip of the folder C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Custom\Draft Spell Checker\bin Office 2010

with the new build.

At any rate this is a fixable problem.


Re: Spell Check Issue

I am not able to verify the issue of Solid Edge custom spell checker not working after encountering blank text boxes:


Re: Spell Check Issue



If you can confirm this behavior and have found a quick fix.


would you mind submitting this to GTAC for official fix...


please and thank you...

Matt Johnson
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Re: Spell Check Issue

Problem solved!!!!  Thank you for looking into this and finding a solution.  Your time and talent are very appreciated.



JD Haigler

Re: Spell Check Issue

I can't actually confirm it. Must be file or environment specific.

I added one line of validation to the

Public Sub ParseString()
       If String.IsNullOrEmpty(strTextStringToBeChecked) Then Return

Without this line the null error will be caught by the error handler and skips some code.

Maybe @Shotman77 could file it with their VAR and submit the file and reference this thread?


Re: Spell Check Issue

I just created the following IR for a real built-in spell checker, so if you want to contact them and pile on...


IR# 8900601

Solid Edge Draft needs a built in spell checker that works on all features


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