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Spot welding in weldment?




I was wondering if anyone can tell or show me how to place some spotwelds, between two sheet metal pieces. I could not find any options in SE. I am new to weldments.


Re: Spot welding in weldment?

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In ST7 and before you would have to model the bead in ASM using protrusion, label it as a bead and then pattern it etc. These would not appear in the parts list and you won't be able to get a count or reuse them in other ASMs.


New for ST8 you can create a part file with your favorite "Spot" geometry. Label it with the symbol you want. Label weld is in ordered mode. (You could have as many Spot parts as you have different spot welds)


Now you can place this weld as many times as you want in any ASM you need.

Use ASM pattern along curve for example to pattern the bead along edges. (Or any other placement method)


The # of spots and bead label callout will appear in draft using weld symbol tie to geometry option.


Hope this helps.






HINT: ALL bead types can be modelled and labled this way. Even complex beads. Place the bead part in your ASM. Replace with Copy and Morph it to fit (If it is Sync I like to use replace face for these so they match the target parts.)







Re: Spot welding in weldment?


Hi Edgers,


Would you please tell me how to create this SPOT weld using ST10?


It hadn't been clearly explained how to create it.








I understand that The SPOT part is a separate part and had been added to the ASY.

Now it's clear.

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