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Stability Problem

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I seem to have a stability problem. When I installed the program I had a few problems
which weren't resolved by going to the software. First I had to get
a different license. Second, I had to access the software by using edge.exe as
there was no desktop icon. Third, now that I can occasionally get the program running
that only lasts for about an hour before the system locks up and I
have to shut down. I run Vista Ultimate. If the software was designed to run
on Vista business or enterprise, it should run on ultimate. Granted all Vista
is garbage, but that being said, anyone got any ideas? I attached the MS app
crash data.

Re: Stability Problem

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Did you download the software from the web or install from CD? If you
downloaded from the web, the installed license should have been good.
To run the software click on Start->All Programs->Solid Edge 2D
DraftingV20-> Solid Edge 2D Drafting. you should not have to run the
executable directly.
What kind of graphics card do you have?
Solid Edge produces a crash log when a crash occurs. There are two files,
crashlogf.txt and crashlogf.dmp. These can be found in the "C:\Documents and
Settings\YOUR LOGIN\Local Settings\Temp" folder. If you will send these
files to me, we can try to see what caused the cresh.
Rick B.