Standard Part Library Installation - 45 day trial

hello again - i have installed the trial but i have no standard parts - i cant see the standard parts wizard. where do i get this ??? first time using solidedge so ure help would be greatly appreciated






Re: Standard Part Library Installation - 45 day trial

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Hi there,


Not sure if this [Machinery Library] would be bundled in the 45 day trial version, as it's only included in two upper level builds of Solid Edge - "Classic" & "Premiuim". [not Design & Draft - nor Foundation]


It would be found on the DVD....try running the executable [assuming you have the download saved still] again and see if it that option is available for installation.


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Re: Standard Part Library Installation - 45 day trial

I think that the Trial version should allow to install standard parts Administrator with small library of Free.

I dont know how to do this because Web installer do not contain standard menu
where you loaded Solid Edge.

Re: Standard Part Library Installation - 45 day trial

@Tomasz Please note that when a prospect signs up for a trial, the user is then essentially a "customer" of Solid Edge in maintenance. 

This means the user can then create a WebKey account to access the GTAC file download server and download the full Solid Edge install media as necessary, including downloading the Standard Parts install media.


All the information necessary for the prospect to create the WebKey account is contained in the license file downloaded as part of their initial Solid Edge install.


The WebKey account is only valid for as long as the user is in the trial period.  Once the trial period has finished the user would essentially be a "customer out of maintenance".

Re: Standard Part Library Installation - 45 day trial

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@Bigsuzi @SeanCresswell 


The trial license is a Premium Solid Edge license so therefore Standard Parts would be available for use during the trial period. 


Standard parts is a separate install media and is not downloaded as part of the web installer process.


Therefore, in order to download and install Standard Parts you must first create a WebKey account so you can then manually download and install the Standard Parts media.


Everything WebKey including creating an account can be found here:


All the information needed to create your WebKey should be found in your "C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7\Preferences\selicense.dat" file.